GIGABYTE Smart Recovery 2 –
No more worrying about losing your digital files

Ever deleted a file and the next week realized you still needed it, or had your system corrupted due to a virus attack? With GIGABYTE Smart Recovery 2, you never again need to worry about losing your important digital files, including your system OS files. GIGABYTE Smart Recovery 2 automatically saves up-to-date copies of system settings, applications, documents, photos, music, and videos on your PC. If you ever have the need, you can easily go back in time to recover exactly what you need.

Set it and forget it

GIGABYTE Smart Recovery 2 works with your storage hard drives installed in the PC as well as with external hard drives. Just connect the drive(s) and assign it to Smart Recovery 2 and you're a step closer to enjoying the peace of mind that having a complete system backup gives you. Smart Recovery 2 will automatically back up your entire system, including system files, applications, accounts, preferences, music, photos, movies, and documents. But, what makes Smart Recovery 2 different from other backup applications is that every hour it takes a 'snap shot' of your hard drive and makes a record for any added, deleted or modified files. It then automatically remembers how your system looked — so you can revisit your system as it appeared in the past.
Every change, every hour

After the initial backup of your entire system is done, Smart Recovery 2 automatically backups just the files that have changed since your last backup every hour, every day. It does this all in the background, so you can continue working while Smart Recovery 2 is busy copying your files. Smart Recovery 2 saves the hourly backups for the past 48 hours, daily backups for the week, and weekly backups for everything older than a month.

Go back in time

Say you accidentally deleted a file you meant to save. Simply enter the Smart Recovery 2 file explorer by clicking on "File Recovery" and you'll see exactly how your computer looked on the dates you're browsing. You can browse for files using the Smart Recovery 2 File Explorer, use the timeline to select a specific date, then drag and drop the files to your designated path to bring it back to the present.

Restoring or Migrating your system

If your system was corrupted by a virus or you need to set up a new system with files from an old system, Smart Recovery 2 can help simplify the process. Just select "System Recovery", choose any date recorded in Smart Recovery 2 to set up your system exactly as your previous system was on that date.
You can watch a live demonstration from the following video.
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